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About Epic Cameras

Relive the Rush

EPIC was launched in early 2009. In the age of YouTube & video sharing, the development of a lightweight portable POV “Point of View” action camera was a natural fit to the GSM line. Building up on the experience & knowledge of designing and developing cameras designed for rugged use outdoors, EPIC took shape.

EPIC’s innovative approach to design and functionality has gained critical acclaim from both users and industry media alike.

The EPIC camera is a wear and mount anywhere digital video HD camera. It’s compact size, ease of use and multiple mounting attachments make it an ideal camera for capturing video from a unique perspective. EPIC cameras are utilized by everyone from the weekend warrior to professional action sports athletes & television producers. In the current world of Internet sharing, the point of view camera category has exploded in recent years.

Modern digital imaging technology has allowed for smaller, more capable cameras to be developed. EPIC harnesses these capabilities into an amazingly compact package. EPIC's line of versatile mountable video cameras record in stunning High Definition and elevates the point of view camera category to new heights.

Any adventure, any time. Relive the rush.