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Hearing Aids and Custom Ear Plugs

The WAF312 is the newest and most advanced hearing aid that we offer. It has improved clarity in speech and enhanced speech-in-noise sound processing. This unit has a rocker switch for easy access to volume control and situational programs.
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The WSF13 is our most powerful hearing aid for someone who has a profound hearing loss. Custom Ear Molds are included in the price and are required for this unit.
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The WOF13 is our most powerful open fit style hearing aid. It is designed for users needing amplification and clarity across the full range of frequencies.
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Custom-made to the exact shape of your ear. The ear molds greatly increase the comfort of listening to your MP3 player and will stay in your ears when you are active.
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The WOF312 receiver-in-the-ear style hearing aid is designed specifically for high-frequency hearing loss.
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The Completely-In-Canal is the smallest custom made hearing instrument available and cosmetically the most desirable of the Walker's hearing aids. It fits deeply in the ear canal and is virtually invisible.
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Custom Sound Plugs are an ideal solution for comfortable hearing protection.
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Swim Plugs keep the ear canal dry when swimming or showering.
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The Micro Canal is slightly larger than the Completely In-The-Canal yet is positioned discretely in the ear canal. With its increased size, it includes a push button program selector and is somewhat easier to place in and remove from the ear canal.
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The Half Shell features a Dynamic Directional Microphone, an adjustable volume control and a Push Button Program Selector.
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The Canal is a slightly larger and more powerful (output and gain) than the Micro Canal hearing aid. With the larger, size 312 battery, the Canal will have longer battery life.
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The Full Shell is a powerful and full-featured custom in the ear hearing aid. It is designed for listeners with a severe hearing loss and/or limited dexterity.
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