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Stealth Cam Support

We recommend using a computer to view the photos. If you don’t have access to a computer, we can only recommend using either our iOS or android card readers for your cell phone or our reader viewer.

There are many different factors that affect battery life including the brand of battery, temperature, amount of pictures taken and day vs. night picture ratio. The exact life of batteries is no possible to quantify.

Activity control is a setting on the camera that allows you to have the camera on only during certain hours of the day if you want that.

The flash range is the distance that you will be able to see in the picture when a picture is taken using the flash. The motion detection range is the distance from the camera that the camera will sense motion and be activated. Both of these ranges will be effected by many different factors.

An infrared flash is going to produce a black and white picture and will be visible in the dark. It produces a dull red glow that is not bright enough to catch your attention in the dark but if you looked right at it, it would be visible.

A No-Glow flash is going to produce a black and white picture and will NOT be visible in the dark. It produces no visible light unless you are very close to the camera and will be nearly invisible in the dark.

This varies depending on the model of the camera.

Newer 2015 & 2016 models range from <1 second to as low as 0.4 seconds.

Older models are approximately 1 second, but our oldest units trigger speed was around 2-3 seconds.


STC-GX45NGW (Wireless)

You will need to do the latest firmware update on your camera in order to make the IMEI accessible.  This is found under the support tab on our website in downloads.

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