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Trail Cam Manager

  • Manage your Trail Cams with GPS Mapping
  • Check weather forecasts
  • Capture images and save to gallery or share with friends and family thru Facebook and Email
  • Get up-to-date StealthCam special offers and info thru the “Social Stream”
  • See the latest Pro and User submitted YouTube videos in the NEWLY ADDED “Videos” section

Can’t remember where you put your scouting cameras? Let the Trail Cam Manager app help guide the way.

This app works directly with the iPhone or Android GPS capabilities and mapping—allowing you to plot multiple camera locations with the ability to mark these with icons, names and/or a photo taken on the spot or from your gallery. Additional features such as hunt weather forecast, photo management & social media stream make this a must have tool for anyone using trail cameras.

App Screenshots—click to view larger images

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