Our Brands

Comprised of over 40 hunting, shooting sports, rugged outdoors and fishing labels, our house of brands is rooted in the belief that high-caliber teams are better together. Because together, we’re building on more than half a century of limitless hustle, innovation, ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit to transform the way you think outside—today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

SOG Knives

With a rich heritage dating back to 1986, SOG® knives remain committed to the craftsmanship and precision that started it all, while continuing to push the engineering boundaries of every blade. Our reliable tools stand the test of time and deliver superior performance in any situation, without fail.

Stealth Cam

The undisputed pioneer in the wildlife surveillance category, Stealth Cam™ continues to revolutionize trail camera technology, just as it has since its founding more than two decades ago. Today, Stealth Cam owns multiple patents on innovative technologies that deliver the most advanced capabilities in simple, intuitive designs.


The longtime leader in hearing protection and sound enhancement technology—both recreational and professional—Walker’s® has developed innovative solutions for hunting, shooting and commercial applications for more than 25 years.


Cold Steel

Over the last three decades, Cold Steel® has delivered countless innovations, to solidify our standing as the undisputed leader in the outdoor knife and tool industry—one professional law enforcement, military and other emergency services personnel continue to rely on to protect both themselves and others.

Wildgame Innovations

At Wildgame Innovations™, our development of industry-leading trail cameras, wildlife attractants, game feeders and hunting accessories is driven by a commitment to research and exploration. And that passion continues to deliver better products and greater success afield, just as it has since 2002.

Hawk Hunting

For 50-plus years, hunting hasn’t been just something we do, it’s become part of who we are. That’s why Hawk® continues to push the limits of our designs, testing and manufacturing processes to bring better stands, climbing sticks, platforms, ground blinds and other hunting accessories to the field.

Muddy Outdoors

Founded by hunters, for hunters, Muddy® has expanded the tailored line of tree stands, tree stand accessories and safety harnesses it was founded on to include a versatile, all-encompassing assortment of box blinds, ground blinds, trail cameras, climbing systems and more—all in less than 20 years.

Birchwood Casey

Birchwood Casey has been serving shooters—from competition-caliber to collectors and gunsmiths—since 1948. The premier provider of gear and accessories tailored to training, cleaning and transporting firearms, we boast an extensive assortment of holsters, cases, benches, targets and more.



Hunting success begins with the element of surprise. That’s the edge Ameristep® has provided since its founding more than 20 years ago: innovative ground blinds, chairs and accessories that cleverly conceal human forms, scents, sounds and reflections in any environment.



At Tenzing® Outdoors, we’re driven by a battle cry inspiring strength, determination and limitless potential for every product we produce. That’s why our packs, slings, turkey vests and accessories are each torture-tested in the most extreme conditions and proven to withstand a lifetime of brutal hunts.

Halo Optics

Halo Optics

By utilizing the most innovative range-finding technologies and advanced materials available, Halo Optics® rangefinders ensure lightning-fast target acquisition by providing multiple readings in a single second to confirm your yardage. You won’t just see the difference, you’ll feel it as well.

Hunter’s Specialties

Born from humble roots with the launch of our first product in 1977, Hunters Specialties® has expanded to a full catalog of more than 500 innovative hunting items spanning numerous categories: scents and scent control, minerals and attractants, a variety of game calls, and an assortment of accessories.

American Hunter

A premium game feeder and hog and predator control accessory brand established by Boss Buck®, today American Hunter® products are renowned for their durable, low-maintenance constructions and affordable price points.

Apex Brand Block

Apex Gear

Rugged, yet sophisticated. Performance-driven, yet perfectly polished. At Apex™ Gear, every sight, quiver, stabilizer, rest, release and accessory is masterfully finished and custom-tailored to each archery hunters’ preferences.


Since 2011, X has marked the spot for extreme waterfowl and turkey hunters. Known today for their realism and durability, Avian-X® decoys are meticulously crafted to mirror the real thing and evaluated in the most brutal conditions by outdoorsmen who live for gritting out the toughest hunts.

Big Game Treestands

Established in small-town Minnesota nearly 50 years ago, Big Game Treestands® leads the outdoor industry with its Rock Solid™ line of field-tested treestands, ladder stands, climbers, free-standing elevated platforms and hunting accessories all safety-certified above TMA requirements—guaranteed.


Bloodsport™ Archery exists to minimize the potential for human error and remove any doubt about how your arrow will perform once it flies. Tested to the tightest tolerances and manufactured with close attention paid to quality control, we help you breathe a bit easier, even in the tensest moments.

Boss Buck

The premier developers of high-quality, low-maintenance game feeders for more than 25 years, Boss Buck® and it’s American Hunter® brand produce numerous lines of affordable high-capacity gravity and automatic deer feeders and attractants, as well as hog, predator and varmint control accessories and more.

Buck Bomb

Buck Bomb hunting attractants condition game animals to hit prime target areas by utilizing a patented scent dispersal system. Our lures deliver the most potent, intoxicating, inhibition-releasing scents found in nature, that’s why we’re the bomb.


One of several product offerings under the Shooting Made Easy (SME™) brand, Bullseye Cam helps shooters of all kinds make easy work of long-distance targets—whether living or not. Our Wi-Fi-enabled devices are all about embracing new shooting challenges, while simplifying the work required to do so.

Coyote Light

Founded on the premise that predator control depends on us all, Coyote Light delivered the first professional-grade LED predator-hunting lights and accessories to do the job when it’s most opportune. Every product is designed and manufactured to the exacting standards required for hunting a variety of pests in the dead of night.

Cyclops Solutions

For well over a decade, we’ve been at the forefront of portable lighting and power technology solutions, helping hardcore adventurers get out of the dark and make the most of every outdoor endeavor. Because when it comes to lighting up the night enough to get any job done, there’s only one: Cyclops®.

Down & Out

Because they’re centered around patented BlindFold technology—a multi-panel, accordion-style design allowing hunters to set up and start hunting in no time, no tools or taxing effort required—hunters continue to trust Down&Out™ Blinds to keep them in the field and going strong all season long.


Since 1992, every product in our Evolved Habitats® and Evolved Harvest® assortments is backed by science and rigorously tested to ensure deer are receiving the nutrients needed for success long-term. Making both the animals and the land better—not only this season, but for countless more to come.

Flextone Game Calls

flextone® game calls has been putting performance-driven calls into the hands (and mouths) of hunters since 1997. Our soft-bodied call designs feature patented Flex-It™ Technology, delivers lively, lifelike waterfowl, turkey, deer and prey animal sounds, all adjustable in pitch, volume and inflection.

Our Brands

G Outdoors Products

Developed based on real-world shooting scenarios and crafted by sportsmen with years of firsthand tactical experience, GPS caters to both the practical and most tactical gun enthusiasts of modern day—from military and law enforcement personnel to hunting and shooting sports professionals of all kinds.

Hunting Made Easy

Since 2000, we’ve striven to simplify everything that goes into preparing for a hunt, cleaning up post-hunt and when experiencing the thrill of the hunt itself. Today at HME™, we remain true to the reason for our founding—serving as a source of education and support for those aspiring to make hunting look easy.


HS Strut

HS Strut™ joined the turkey-hunting scene in the late 1980’s with the introduction of a call more flexible, forgiving and biologically accurate than any other on the market. Since then, we’ve evolved into one of the world’s largest and most trusted manufacturers of turkey calls, products and accessories.



Born from the ideation and founded on the invention of the industry’s first multicolor fiberoptic archery pin sight in 1993, today TRUGLO® provides highly technical, tactical gear tailored to the ever-evolving needs of hunters, recreational shooters and archery enthusiasts.

Johnny Stewart Brand 1

Johnny Stewart

Founded more than 50 years ago and added to the Hunters Specialties® family of brands in 1999, Johnny Stewart delivers the most productive mouth and electronic predator calls on the market today, trusted by game and land management professionals and hunting enthusiasts alike.

New Archery Products

After its founding in 1971, New Archery Products (NAP) was quickly recognized as the leader in high-quality broadheads, arrow rests and archery accessories, success they’ve been building on ever since. Today, NAP remains committed to driving the evolution of archery forward for decades more to come.

Shooting Made Easy

We simplify everything it takes to ring steel from 500 yards and beyond and improve your technique while you’re at it. Founded in 2017, we offer a diverse assortment of target cameras, targets, throwers, laser bore sights and systems and other accessories for rifle, pistol and shotgun shooters.



Scent-A-Way® scent-control products has redefined how hunters move, think and go undiscovered in the field since 1986. The brand now includes the extensive Scent-A-Way® Max line, as well as Scent-A-Way® Bio-Strike—the most effective spray for destroying human odor.

Scent Slammer

Under the Hunting Made Easy (HME™) brand lineup, Scent Slammer’s odor-reducing bags, dryers and air purifiers eradicate odor-causing particles resulting from sweat, oils, smoke, VOCs and more at their source—allowing hunters more freedom to roam and flexibility in their approaches afield.

Skull Hooker

Since 2009, our patented wall-mounting bracket system has delivered a dynamic way to showcase any euro skull—whether antlered or not—without the need to drill a single hole. Skull Hooker® accommodates both small and large trophies, as well as table and floor displays for European and skull-capped mounts.


The creators of the original printed gun-cleaning and maintenance mats, TekMat® simplifies the disassembly and reconstruction of today’s most common handguns and long-guns. And, with over 70 different make-, model- and caliber-specific designs, our assortment is always evolving to meet your needs.

Viking Solutions

Viking Solutions’ inventive in-field products ensure hunters, fishermen, shooters and other sportsmen enjoy an enhanced outdoor experience—and lighter loads—thanks to our hitch-mounted game haulers, hoist and gambrel systems, storage and stack racks and other adventure-focused solutions.

Wayne Carltons Calls

Wayne Carlton’s Calls

Wayne Carlton’s Calls® revolutionized the art of calling elk with an extensive line of diaphragm calls that produce every sound on the animals’ spectrum with the help of a built-in sound chamber. Added to the Hunters Specialties® family of brands in 1998, we still embody the passion of our founder and those who call elk country home.

Western Rivers

Part of the Hunting Made Easy (HME) brand family since 2012, Western Rivers™ manufactures calls in a variety of sizes and configurations—predator, big-game, turkey and more—and boasts an extensive library of digital audio files to ensure there’s a call for every scenario, regardless of season.

Zink Calls

At Zink, we believe there’s a champion in every call. Designed to take the least amount of air possible, while creating exceptional tone and volume, each of our innovative calls ensure quick mastery so waterfowlers immediately up their game—and enjoy more success—afield.

Zero Trace

At the forefront of odor-elimination technology,  ZeroTrace™ delivers cutting-edge products harnessing the power of PureION™ technology to neutralize any scent. Our non-toxic, eco-friendly products provide the added layer of concealment needed to get closer to the action all season long.


Since 1876, Camillus Cutlery has been supplying the world with reliable, innovative and quality-made knives that have survived the true test of time. As one of the oldest knife manufacturers, Camillus Cutlery has always answered the call for quality and will continue to do so with our hunting, fishing, sporting and tactical knives.

Bill Lewis Fishing

Bill Lewis™ Lures is proof that anything can happen when you chase your dreams full-heartedly. Best known for our Rat-L-Trap® line of hard baits, the No. 1 best-selling assortment in the country with over 350 size and color combinations, today we’re innovating and expanding  our product offerings more than ever before.

Big Bite Baits

Big Bite Baits® has experienced tremendous growth since its founding as a house brand under the D&J Plastics manufacturing label. With baits, rigs, terminal tackle and gear tailored to the bass, panfish and saltwater fishing categories, our branded product portfolio is trusted by pros and weekend water dwellers alike.

Our Brands

Bucca Brand

Bucca Brand is a collaboration 20 years in the making. An intertwining of journeys and visions that culminates in a new opportunity with one goal: bring the creativity of a master bait designer to life in a value form to enhance the fishing experience for all anglers.


Buckeye Lures

Buckeye Lures™ was founded by a passionate father-son FLW national angling pair and built on a solid foundation of hand-poured lead-headed jigs and sonar blades. Today, the brand produces a full lineup of jigs and jigheads which are relied upon by an extensive team of championship anglers across the country.


The Cuda® brand was designed with the strength, power and agility of the Barracuda. Cuda fishing products are built for the ultimate in fresh and saltwater fishing and will continue to perform over time. Featuring Titanium Bonded steels and Alloys, Cuda tools provide world class hardness, corrosion and adhesive resistance.

Dobyn’s Rods

Dobyns Rods is the namesake of an angler who decided the best this industry had to offer wasn’t enough. Through decades of tournament angling and over 100 major tournament victories, Gary Dobyns amassed an immeasurable amount of experience and knowledge. Before the advent of Dobyns Rods, Gary poured this experience and knowledge into rod building, and in time the “Champion” was born. Since then, Gary has continued to push the limits of rod building insistent on adhering to strict design principles and minimal manufacturing tolerances that have raised the level of rod performance and quality throughout the fishing industry.

Our Brands

Frog Factory

Popularized by the legendary Lonnie Stanley and Stanley Lures the Ribbit® has a new home with Frog Factory™, but don’t worry, it’s the exact same specs and formulation that anglers have come to rely on for years of tournament wins, big bass, and incredible memories.

Phenix Rods

Seeking to expand our early 1977 roots, Phenix began a journey to build the fishing brand our devoted following has grown to love. The Phenix Rods team is continually evolving and growing, taking our custom quality to the next level with every new generation of product design. With over 40 years in the fishing industry, our product lines have expanded to a much wider range of rods that utilize superior designs and components.


Our flagship product, the SteelShad™ Lure, is the result of years of ingenuity, trial, error and one long-standing friendship. Founded in Utah by a trio of best friends in 2016, this versatile product is tried, true and now used by professional and championship anglers in the Bassmaster® Classic and beyond.

Yamamoto Baits

Yamamoto Baits and its family of brands—including Bill Lewis™, Steelshad™ and Buckeye Lures™—has quickly become the most trusted and widely recognized manufacturer of fishing lures among today’s sportsmen.

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