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Trail Cam Technologies

GSM Outdoors trailcam image
  • Range Control - Adjustable motion sensor allows the camera to be configured for short, medium and long range activation.

  • Hybrid Capture Mode - Capture high resolution still images and shoot video clips simultaneously.

  • Retina - Superior low light performance for extended night time range.

  • Matrix - Advanced blur reduction dramatically reduces blur effects resulting in sharper, clearer images.

  • Reflex - Ultra-fast trigger speed, Never miss a crucial moment.

  • Multi-Zone - Covers multiple zones of angle and distance, maximizing the camera's triggering accuracy.

  • Geo-Tag - Track and recall all your favorite locations with optional GPS tagging.** ** Optional GPS coordinates do not appear on data stamping

  • Triad - Hi-Res Still Images / HD Video recording with audio / Time-Lapse camera.

  • Quick Set - Sets up in seconds with pre-programmed options.

  • Secure Lock - Secure Lock offers password protection rendering the camera access nearly impossible.

  • Burst - Rapid-fire burst mode (1-9 exposures per triggering).

  • Energy - Completely re-engineered to optimize energy efficiency. Prolongs battery life allowing it to extend up to one year on a set of batteries.* * Actual field life will vary based on user settings and environmental conditions.

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